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Apartment Hunting / Real Estate / Violations Removals

There are some no fee apartments here. The benefit of this site is you can see actual pictures and video of the apartments that are available.

Hope this helps

Need a Hospital

Hope not, but if you do here is every hospital in NYC including the 5 boroughs. Hospitals

Need Payroll Services - 401k - IRA for your employees or business

Get your time back, save on payroll, and offer new services. Call to check out what the rates are and how ADP can help you save money and accurately report ypur employees pay. Contact Jamie Fallows Alfalla (516) 732-5498

Personal Assistant

Need a Personal Assistant to help you with your daily business needs. Here you go.

Need a Taxi

Find the Taxi Closest to you. Download the UBER app. Under promotion use code vakxx and you will get a $10 credit on your first ride. With cars in over 23 cities, have a driver on hand at the touch of a button.

Insurance For Your Business & Employees

If your business is running it's best to get some type of coverage. If someone sues you, what are you going to do. It's best to be covered. Also, if you need insurance for your employees, contact Gerry. Petschauer Insurance, Gerard R. Gonzalez, 66-10 Forest Avenue, Ridgewood, NY 11385. Telephone: (718)386-5050. Fax: (718)381-3286.

Need an employee, need work, check out our service with low fee's for employers and no fee's for the unemployed we put you together and voila problem solved.

Find what you need? If not let us know what you are looking for and we will try to post it. Conatct us at



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Need a Lawyer
Click on the link  that satisfies your need:
Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?
Need a Criminal Lawyer? 
Need a Divorce Lawyer?
Need an Employment Lawyer?
Need an Estate Lawyer? 
Need a Family Lawyer?
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Apartment Hunting / Real Estate / Violations Removals
Many people try to find a no fee apartment and many people are successful, but sometimes if you want something hassle free and quick, real estate is your best option. Some apartment buildings do not rent to the public, they rent directly through a Real Estate. Yes you will have to pay a fee usually 1 month's rent more or less, but you will get what you want.

It's best to be prepared when looking. To apply to most buildings you will need the following:

Copy of your Government Issued ID
A Social Security # or Tax ID #
Last 2 Pay stubs
Last Bank Statement
Copy of Last filed Taxes

Hope we helped

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